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Come Grow With Us

Notice anything different?  Okay, we’ll give you a sec to look around.  Look VERY closely… You’re ABSOLUTELY right! You must be questioning why we suddenly changed our name from PiTal Staffing Agency, LLC to PiTal Staffing Worldwide, Inc., right?  Well, we didn’t change our name solely because it sounds great, which we admit, it REALLY does! We also had great reason fueling this awesome change.  PiTal turned six on July 13th this year. We are not only maturing age wise, we’re also growing with various new locations nationwide and even… dare we say it: INTERNATIONALLY!! *Insert confetti, noise makers and glass toasting here*

Our latest greatest additional location is in the fabulous city of LA!  Yes, all the way from our headquarters on the east coast in Atlanta, GA to the west coast (literally).  How’s that for expansion?  Additionally, we have new strategic partners and clients in several different continents.  What was that?  You want to know who, what and where exactly?  Don’t worry they will be making a grand reveal in the near future!  That means that you need to definitely keep your eyes locked on our social media networks to get all of the details.  Don’t blink, we’re not slowing down anytime soon so hold on and keep your eyes WIDE OPEN!

For now, we have some eye pleasure for you below.  Take a moment to visit us in: LOS ANGELES!!!

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PiTal Staffing Worldwide, Inc.

11601 Wilshire Blvd.

Suite 500

Los Angeles, Ca. 90025




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