Cash Mobs: Crowdsourcing for Local Economic Development

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It’s not every day that new strategies to support independent businesses take hold so quickly and so well.  That’s why we’re really excited about cash mobs – the latest trend in shopping locally.

Cash mobs essentially bring a “flash mob” of people together to spend money at a local business, often one that is having a hard time making ends meet.  This latest crowdsourcing strategy uses Twitter as well as traditional news media to get the word out.  This Saturday, March 24 has been designated National Cash Mob Day, and a variety of cash mobs are organized in cities across the country.


While cash mobs are raging in small towns across the US, their presence has yet to really be felt strongly in the five boroughs.  However, there is a small, growing presence.  According to a few Twitter feeds, New York saw its…

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Starbucks To Open Plant In Georgia « CBS Atlanta

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ATLANTA (AP/WAOK) – Starbucks is building a new plant in Georgia that will make its Via instant coffee and ingredients for Frappucinos sold both in Starbucks outlets and in grocery stores.

The plant, in Augusta, will employ 140 and open in early 2014. Construction, which will also generate construction and transportation jobs, is slated to start this spring.

The move comes as Starbucks Corp. looks to expand its consumer products offerings found on grocery store shelves, such as ready-to-serve drinks, Starbucks ice-cream and instant coffee.

The announcement came just ahead of the opening of Starbucks’ annual meeting in Seattle.

Starbucks To Open Plant In Georgia « CBS Atlanta.

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The Benefits of Working with a Staffing Firm


Why should you work with a staffing firm?

Staffing and recruiting companies are committed to bringing the right people and the right companies together. Whether you want a temporary, contract, part-time, or permanent position, working with a staffing company is an easy way to improve your job search.

Regardless of the industry or geographic location in which you want to work, there is a staffing company to help. Staffing companies match millions of people to millions of jobs in the U.S. and abroad every day.

How can you work with a staffing firm?

There are three main types of job placements in the staffing industry, according to the American Staffing Association:

  • Temporary or contract: You work for a staffing firm’s customer on an interim basis
  • Temp-to-perm or temp-to-hire: You work for a staffing firm’s customer on a trial basis to determine if the job is a good fit for your skills, interests, and career goals—if so, you become the customer’s employee
  • Direct hire or permanent: You are recruited by the staffing firm and then hired by its customer

Reasons to work with a staffing firm

Staffing companies are not only looking for administrative and short-term manual labor positions but also for executives and professionals searching for full-time employment. Below are a few of the reasons you should work with a staffing company during your next job search. Also, please read the American Staffing Association’s graph of the best reasons  to work with a staffing company.

  1. Get the inside scoop on new openings: Staffing companies work with a variety of companies. Many businesses turn to staffing companies to fill certain positions and never advertise the opening themselves.
  2. Save time: Staffing companies specialize in position types, areas, industries, or even companies. Thus, they know the job market and know the cultures on the companies for which they are recruiting.
  3. Put flexibility and work in the same sentence: If you are looking for time to live life while still making ends meet, working with a staffing company could be the best career move you ever make. Staffing companies place you in part-time or contract work that fits your life.Maybe you want to take a trip to Europe for a month or maybe you need the summers off to watch your kids while school’s out. Either way, a staffing company can help you find a project or company that is right for you.
  4. Work part time and get benefits: When you go on temporary assignments for a staffing company, you are normally employed by the staffing company and could be eligible for vacation, holidays, health insurance, retirement plans, and more.
  5. Free training: Temporary employees get free training from staffing companies to improve their skills and go on more assignments. This is a great way to boost your knowledge and experience before looking for a permanent gig.
  6. Never get bored: As an employee of a staffing company, you get to select the short-term assignments you want to take. You get the opportunity to work in a variety of industries and with different people on numerous projects and tasks. The opportunities are endless.
  7. Go from temp to perm: According to the American Staffing Association, about 75 percent of temporary and contract employees move on to permanent jobs. Thus, a temp job can be a great way to try out a company’s culture.

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